Deep in the hidden parts of the last true rain forest in our world, the dark ones begin to make their move. They are subtle and devious and have made their plans over the years, but now is the time. Now is the time that they have decided to strike and remove one of the last all powerful Gaian places on Earth. But they were not subtle enough, for there is one group that still stands in their way. They were once strong but have since been lost for ages. Lost and forgotten they have been preparing and growing even stronger waiting for the day when they would be needed again to strike at evil’s heart. Now is that time and so they are slowly emerging back into our world and searching across the land for those that would fight for what is right and help defend the Wyld’s and Gaia’s last stronghold and their home: The Amazon Rainforest. Will you volunteer or be Chosen for this arduous task?

Rage across the Amazon